How does this system work?

 At its simplest, you can sign up, include the short URL on your receipts, and let interested customers fill in the survey. You will need to specify what user should receive the weekly PDF report, and certain other details about your business location.

You can also promote the survey on your menu, or on other materials such as your business cards or tabletop inserts. If customers wish to use a QR code to access the survey, you can download a graphic of the relevant QR code from our system.

I want to use this at several locations

Our pricing is based on a unique survey access code for each location (and, if you choose, for each server at each location). You can set up multiple locations within our system, and you will receive a report for each location individually. Please note that using the same survey access code at multiple locations would violate our terms of service; contact us if you have any special requirements.

What does the weekly PDF report look like?

We would be glad to send you a sample; please contact us.