Our Premium satisfaction survey builds on our Standard survey using a 5-star rating system to collect a response from the user on their interactions with your people, the merchandise, and the store. An email address can optionally be supplied by the user to allow follow-up, and an open text response is available for additional comments.  standardSurvey

In addition, you can add an alternate language for the survey which will be used based on the user's browser settings.

Users may access the survey through a shortened URL or through a QR code.

Additional access codes are available so that each customer service representative (CSR) can offer their distinctive code in addition to a code common to the store, and responses are reported individually for each CSR. We do limit the number of CSRs to 30: if you need more, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

In a salon setting for example, the individual customer service representative, products, and store could each be rated, and the customer can include their email address and comments. Or, in a restaurant setting a generic code could be used on receipts.

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